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Earth system science is a new interdisciplinary subject developed for the purpose of studying global change. It is an important scientific research field and hot spot in the world today. The Department of Earth System Science (DESS) at Tsinghua university will conduct in-depth research on the changing rules of the earth system and the impact of human activities on the earth system, so as to train high-level talents for China and the world to cope with global environmental change.

The purpose of construction and development of DESS is to explore new knowledge in the fields of earth science such as atmosphere, land and ocean, and related physics, chemistry, biology and social economics, in order to maintain the safety and security of the earth ’s ecological environment. Make continuous contributions and lead the world in the field of earth sciences.

The DESS of Tsinghua University intends to recruit multiple post-doctors for scientific research. Postdoctoral applicants should meet the Tsinghua University postdoctoral recruitment requirements; be under 35 years of age; obtain a PhD degree in a relevant subject within three years, or successfully complete a defense and obtain a PhD degree in the near future. Please see the attachment for specific recruitment requirements and contact information.

(I)Post-doctoral treatment conditions:

1. Compensation, insurance, etc. shall be implemented in accordance with the state and Tsinghua University postdoctoral management measures;

2. Solve the children's admission to Kindergarten and school; apply for Tsinghua postdoctoral apartment or enjoy rental subsidies;

3. Recommended to apply for various post-doctoral support plans:

(1) "Postdoctoral Exchange Support Program Introduction Project": Applicable to applicants who have obtained a doctorate degree from a well-known foreign university. 600,000 ¥ subsidy for two years; (apply before entry).

(2) "Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program", two years of 600,000 Yuan funding, 200,000 ¥ postdoctoral science fund, 30,000 ¥ international exchange funds; (apply before entry).

(3) Tsinghua University "Shuimu Scholars" support plan: two years of 600,000 ¥ subsidy, enjoy rental subsidies and other subsidies; (apply before entering the station).

(4) China Postdoctoral Science Fund Project: "Special Funding": 150,000 ¥; "First-class funding ": 80,000 ¥; "Second-level funding ": 50,000 ¥;

(5) "Postdoctoral International Exchange Program Academic Exchange Project", funded by 30,000 ¥ (Apply after entry).

(II)Reference Information:

(1) Homepage of Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University:

(2) China postdoctoral management policy:

(3) Tsinghua University postdoctoral management policy:

(4) Tsinghua University "Shuimu Scholar" project:


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