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Wang Han, Department of Earth System Science, has long been engaged in the research and development of plant functional traits and new-generation vegetation models with rich research experience and extensive international cooperation basis. Now, due to the needs of scientific research work, it is planned to recruit 1-2 postdoctoral fellows to study the mechanism of plant functional traits and the research and development of new-generation vegetation models based on traits.

Research direction:

1. Integrate plant trait data, reveal the adaptation mechanism and trade-off network of plant photosynthetic and hydraulic functional traits, improve the theory of plant photosynthesis optimality, and develop a new generation of vegetation model based on traits

2. Improve the parameterization scheme of plant photosynthetic traits in the CLM land surface model, and predict the impact of trait adaptation on the climate system

Application requirements:

1. Meet the post-doctoral admission requirements of Tsinghua University; aged under 35;

2. Those who are engaged in the study of ecology or geosciences, have a doctorate degree, or have successfully completed a defense recently to obtain a doctorate degree; or within three years of doctorate degree

3. Possess a good scientific research foundation and good writing skills in Chinese and English, and have published academic papers in international journals;

4. Possess independent scientific research ability, self-motivated and responsible, and good teamwork spirit;

5. Physical and mental health, active and responsible at work, easy-going personality.

Treatment conditions:

Provide good research conditions and stable research funding support. Implement relevant regulations of Tsinghua University postdoctoral management and enjoy relevant treatment. During the post-doctoral period, you can apply for short-term exchange opportunities to world-renowned research institutions.

Can apply for the "Shuimu Tsinghua Scholar" program (if interested applicants need to submit materials by April 30) and China postdoctoral "Boxin Program".

Application method and time:

Interested applicants are requested to send their CV, representative papers, and results, with the title "Post-Doctoral Application-Name"; For those who passed the preliminary review, we will inform the interview time by email or phone; Without further notice. Visits will not be accepted and application materials will not be returned.

Application deadline: until May 31, 2020 or until suitable candidates are recruited

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