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Tsinghua University (Beijing, China), Department of Earth System Science with a focus on global change issues, an emphasis to integrate related natural science and social science disciplines, invites applications for tenure track or tenured positions at the Assistant, Associate or Full Professor level. Also, we seek young and ambitious Postdoc candidates for Shuimu Scholar Program.

Applicants should have expertise in related fields. Successful candidates will develop independent research that complements existing strengths. Each appointee will be expected to develop a program of research in one or more of the following areas with more detailed descriptions found in

Part Ⅰ. Faculty Positions

(1) Earth System Observation

1. Land change science: Multisource Earth observation data fusion, specific land cover and land use change monitoring and modeling, driving mechanism of land change from local to global scale, and provision of input data and modeling module for Earth system model development.

2. Theory and Application of Radiation Transmission in Earth System: The basic principles of electromagnetic radiation and the propagation process of electromagnetic waves in the earth system, remote sensing sensors and their imaging principles and applications, radiation transmission equations and parameterization schemes, etc.

(2) Earth System Processes

1. Geophysical Fluid Dynamics/Climate System Dynamics: The natural fluid behavior on the earth and other planets, the forced dissipation nonlinear system dynamics, the coupling interaction between the various layers of the earth system and the boundary layer theory, the dynamics and predictability of multi-temporal and spatial scale complex systems, etc.

2. Atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric environment: Impact of anthropogenic activities on the atmospheric composition, atmospheric process and its coupling with earth system, interaction and co-governance of climate change and atmospheric environment.

3. Migratory bird ecology and planetary health: Migratory bird and habitat ecology, biodiversity protection and field station network development, and planetary health theory and model related to migratory birds.

(3) Earth System Model

1. Terrestrial biogeochemistry: Understanding the biogeochemical mechanisms of element movements and their impacts on the environment and human health. Developing biogeochemical modeling and predicting capacities in global agricultural systems, especially on carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous and water. Evaluating environmentally safe boundaries, supporting sustainable development policymaking and global change economy.

2. Marine Biogeochemical Processes: Development and application of marine ecosystems and biogeochemical modeling; the coupling of marine biogeochemical cycles among various components in Earth system models and its impacts; response and feedback of marine biogeochemical processes to climate change.

3. Big Data for Earth System Science: Research on the theory and methods of big data integration in earth system science, the information mining and knowledge discovery of big data in earth system science, and the development and prediction of earth system models based on artificial intelligence technology.

4. Framework of Earth System Model: Development of dynamic cores for the next generation atmospheric and ocean models. Develop new component models (e.g., ice sheet model) of the Earth system model and their coupling and feedback to better understand the Earth system as an integrated system.

(4) Earth System Management

1. Energy economics: Modeling, feasibility and economics of the low-carbon/zero-carbon energy system, climate and environment impact of the energy system.

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in a field appropriate for the research area. Teaching responsibilities will include an undergraduate lecture-laboratory course or the development of a graduate course in an area consistent with the individual's area of interest and Department needs. Applicants should be the level of Top 20 World Rank University or Major, in earth system science.

The appointments will be for 9 months with salary (between 200,000 to 800,000 RMB) commensurate with experience and qualifications. Tsinghua University will provide apartment in campus, Enrolment of children. Department will support applicants to apply support project.

Interested candidates should apply by submitting: (1) a cover letter stating research and teaching interests and job requirements, CV with a list of publications; (2) 3-5 representative research papers; (3) copies of certificates for patents, current position held, and highest degree; (4) 3 letters of recommendation in English; (5) a passport-type photo. Application materials should be submitted, telephone: 86-10-6277-2750.

Part Ⅱ. Postdoc Program -Shuimu Scholar

Applicants must fulfill the requirements: (1) PhD degree from top 100 universities in World Rank University or Major. (2) Under 35 years old. (3) PhD degree is obtained within last 3 years; fresh graduates are given priority. (4) Work full time at Tsinghua University.

The annual salary is 300,000 RMB for two years. Tsinghua University will provide apartment in campus or housing subsidies of 42,000 RMB per year, state-funded housing subsidies of 1,2000 RMB per year, enrolment of children. Department will support Postdoc to apply support project.

Interested candidates should apply by submitting: (1) Shuimu Scholar Application Form(Part Ⅰ), Which can be downloaded at (2) Academic and scientific research materials (in PDF format), including Articles, monographs, patents or awards. Among them: full text is provided for articles; cover, catalogue and abstract are provided for monographs; copies of certificates are provided for patents or awards. (3) 2-3 recommendation letters (including PhD advisor) should be sent by recommenders directly to contact email. Application materials should be submitted Oct. 20th or Apr. 20th each year. Telephone: 86-10-6277-2750.

Shui Mu Tsinghua Scholar Application -overseas degree.doc

Shui Mu Tsinghua Scholar Application.doc

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