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On March 31, the Party History Study and Education Mobilization Conference of the Department of Earth System Science (DESS) was held in the conference room S818 of the South Building of the Mengminwei Science and Technology Building. Yong Luo, secretary of the Party branch of DESS, made a mobilization for Party history study and education and concluded his speech. More than 20 people including members of the Party branch, secretary of the Party branch of faculty and staff, secretary of the Party branch of graduate students, and representatives of teachers and students attended the meeting.

Yong Luo first conveyed the spirit of the speech made by the school’s Party committee secretary Xu Chen at the Tsinghua University PartyHistory Study and Education Mobilization Conference, and interpreted the school’s Party history study and education program. Yong Luo emphasized that on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, carrying out Party history study for the whole Party is a new starting point for the Party Central Committee to base itself on the Party's century-old history, to coordinate the "two overall situations", and to mobilize the entire party and the country with confidence to participate in the construction of socialist modernization major decisions made by the country have far-reaching significance. At the meeting, Yong Luo made arrangements for the study and education of Party history in DESS, requiring the faculty and staff Party branch to organically integrate Party history study and education with strengthening branch construction and promoting their own work. The postgraduate Party branch should integrate the theme of "a hundred years of relay, strong country and self" education and development of the Party and league class. All Party branches should combine major events such as the "110th Anniversary of the Founding of the School" to coordinate the implementation of various Party history learning and education activities, and play a role as a fighting fortress in learning innovation, so as to ensure that Party history learning and education are effective and effectively promote the world first-class geoscience discipline construction.

Participants discussed and exchanged views on how to carry out Party history learning and education in an orderly and in-depth manner, and expressed their opinions on the phased learning of Party history, the joint construction of reading clubs between teachers and students, the special activity form, and the expected results of Party history learning and education. Everyone also watched the micro-documentary "Hundreds of Refined Steel: 100 Years of the Communist Party of China".

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