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Course Description

This course is a General Education Course for all departments and schools at Tsinghua University, which consists of climate change science, impacts, adaptation and vulnerability, mitigation of climate change. This course includes the facts, cause and projection of climate change, the impact of climate change on major sectors and regions, the main policies, measures and technical options for adaptation and mitigation of climate change, international climate change negotiation and the international governance, the co-benefits among addressing climate change, environmental protection, sustainable development and the construction of ecological civilization, the climate change economics and climate ethics. This course shall be conducted with multimedia presentation and panel discussion, combining large classes teaching with small group discussion, in order to strengthen interaction between lecturer and students, promote both teaching and learning. Thinking questions are attached to each topic, which aim to improve the students’ ability in independent and critical thinking. The simulation of United Nations climate change negotiations and the onsite visit to China Meteorological Administration will be organized. As the climate change science develops rapidly and the global climate governance system is continually being improved, this course will keep track of the latest situation, supplement and update the teaching materials.

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