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Professor LUO Yong's research group from the Department of Earth System Science (DESS) of Tsinghua University is mainly engaged in research in the field of climate, water and energy. According to work needs, it is planned to recruit a non-establishment research assistant. The details are as follows:

A.Job responsibilities

Undertake the organization and coordination tasks of research groups and scientific research projects, including but not limited to:

-Assist in writing project application, assignment, progress report and final report;

-Preparation of budgets and scientific research contracts;

-Organize academic conferences and scientific research activities;

-Responsible for financial related affairs and life logistics related affairs;

-Responsible for equipment bidding and procurement and fixed asset management;

-Ensure the ecological effects of high-performance parallel computing clusters and large-scale photovoltaic power plants on the climate environment

Study the operation of the observation field;

-Assist domestic and foreign cooperation and liaison;

-Responsible for the publicity report of scientific research results, the maintenance and update of the research team and project website;

-Collect and sort basic data, literature and information files;

-Coordinating course teaching arrangements.

B.Application conditions

1. Have good professional ethics, work proactively, rigorously, earnestly, hardworking, capable of doing things, have a strong sense of responsibility, service awareness and teamwork spirit; physical and mental health, cheerful personality, communication, organization and coordination skills and strong execution. It is required to work full-time.

2. Have a background in atmospheric sciences, geography, ecology, environmental sciences, computer science and technology, and have obtained or will obtain a master's degree or above before January 20, 2021.

3. Possess basic scientific research qualities, good writing skills, strong summarization and refining skills; strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Be proficient in using common office software, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Endnote, etc.; be proficient in using computer and internet for document retrieval and information query.

4. Those who have working experience in research assistants, and those who can drive vehicles proficiently are preferred.


Implement the relevant regulations on personnel management of non-professional staff of Tsinghua University and the Department of Earth System Science, sign the employment contract for non- establishment staff of Tsinghua University, and enjoy the "five insurances and one fund" in accordance with the law. The trial period is 3 months.


January 20, 2021.

E.How to apply

Applicants please send the application materials to the contact e-mail box with the title "Applicant for Research Assistant-Name". The application materials should include: (1) personal resume; (2) research assistant or achievements of scientific research; (3) abstract of the dissertation; (4) list of published (including accepted) papers; (5) other proof of their ability and level Relevant information.

Those who pass the preliminary selection will be notified of the interview within one month after receiving the application materials, and those who fail the preliminary selection will not be notified separately. Calls and visits are not accepted, and application materials will not be returned.


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