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On the afternoon of September 21, 2023, the Seminar on Teaching Work of the Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University in the Fall Semester of 2023 was held in Room 818 of Mong Man Wai Technology Building. Yang Jing, member of Curriculum Ideological and Political Teaching Research Center and deputy secretary of the Department of Mathematics, Tsinghua University, was invited to attend the seminar. More than 30 people, including all the department leaders, faculty and staff members of the DESS attended the seminar. Lin Yanluan, deputy dean of the DESS, presided over the seminar.

Yang Jing introduced how to integrate ideological and political education in mathematics teaching through "dots, lines, planes and fields", sharing the methods and approaches of integrating ideological and political education into a class from the perspective of "digging dots, leading lines, expanding planes and establishing fields".

Teachers attending the seminar exchanged ideas on issues such as review of the curriculum system, teaching prizes and compilation of excellent teaching materials, and talent training.

In his concluding remarks, Professor Luo Yong noted that it was a long-standing tradition of the DESS to hold a seminar on teaching work every semester. This seminar offered inspiration for teachers to carry out curriculum ideological and political work. It was hoped that teachers would continue to think about how to effectively integrate the elements of ideological and political education and value shaping into courses of earth system science, keep exploring and practicing, and gradually improve the "one school, one policy" program of curriculum ideological and political education in the DESS. Prof. Luo encouraged the teachers of the DESS to actively participate in the compilation of excellent teaching materials and develop excellent courses. He stressed that to further improve the quality of talent training we should focus our efforts on cultivating students' original innovation and critical thinking skills, implement the measures of breaking the five “only” standards in research evaluation, and challenge students to do research and exploration on "no man's land".

Group photo of participants

Written by Peng Xiaojuan

Photographed by Wang Jiayin.

Reviewed by Geng Rui

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