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On July 4, Professor Chen Deli, Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor of Melbourne University, and an internationally renowned soil scientist, visited the Department of Earth System Science (DESS), Tsinghua University. Professor Luo Yong, Dean of the DESS, Professor Lin Yanluan, Deputy Dean, Professor Yang Kun, Associate Professor Huang Wenyu and Associate Professor Li Wei met him in the S.825 Conference Room of the Mong Man Wai Technology Building, Tsinghua University.

On behalf of the DESS, Prof. Lin Yanluan welcomed Prof. Chen Deli's visit. Prof. Chen introduced the general situation of the University of Melbourne in terms of student training mode, majors, international exchange strategy, scientific research and joint training programs, and introduced in detail the joint training of master's and doctoral students by the University of Melbourne and Chinese universities. Prof. Chen noted that he looked forward to more cooperation between the two sides in the joint training of students and curriculum construction in the future.

Prof. Lin Yanluan introduced the situation of talent training and discipline construction in the DESS in recent years, and hoped that the two sides would further promote substantive cooperation in student joint training programs, teacher exchanges and research cooperation.

Group photo of participants

Written by Xu Meng

Edited by Wang Jiayin

Reviewed by Geng Rui

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