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On the morning of June 18, four professors from the Department of Earth Science System (DESS), Luo Yong, Lin Yanluan, Yang Jun and Cai Wenjia delivered lectures on popular science themed “Amazing Earth, Lovely Home” at the Science Lecture Hall of the China Science and Technology Museum (CSTM), in an effort to implement the education on Party history, and answer the call for “doing practical things for the masses” with a focus on children’s popular science education and spreading scientific thoughts.

On the topic of "Wonders in Snow and Ice", Prof. Luo Yong introduced the important role of ice and snow in the climate system and the influence of changes in the polar regions and the Tibetan Plateau on the climate, in the light of his personal experience in scientific investigation in the Arctic and the Tibetan Plateau. In a lecture themed “Plant Hunters”, Prof. Yang Jun taught children the basic knowledge of botany and plant taxonomy, including what plants are, the magic of the plant kingdom, how to identify plants and name them, and shared a short story about looking for man-eating plants. Prof. Lin Yanluan, with the theme of "Wild Beasts at Sea", introduced the causes and destructive power of the typhoon with the greatest destructive power at sea, as well as the differences between typhoons and tornadoes. Prof. Cai Wenjia introduced the impact of climate change on the health of children and adolescents, the urgency of climate actions and what parents and children can do to cope with climate change.

As another attempt by the DESS faculty to combine their academic research with popular science, this activity not only helped to cultivate children's interest in Earth science research, strengthen the study and understanding of relevant basic knowledge, improve their scientific literacy and innovation ability, but also enabled children to have a deeper understanding of the planet on which human beings depend, thus enhancing their sense of responsibility for cherishing resources, loving life and protecting the environment.

Written by Liu Xiaoting

Edited by Wang Jiayin

Reviewed by Geng Rui

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