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On November 10, 2021, the award ceremony of "Xie Yibing Youth Meteorological Science & Technology Award" was held in Peking University. Wang Yong, Associate Professor of the Department of Geosciences of Tsinghua University, who had won the "Xie Yibing Youth Meteorological Science & Technology Award" in 2021, delivered an academic report at the award ceremony.

Wang Yong Delivered Academic Report

Award Site (the Second from the Right is Wang Yong)


The "Xie Yibing Youth Meteorological Science & Technology Award" is established to cherish the memory of Academician Xie Yibing's outstanding contributions to China's meteorological undertakings and personnel training, encourage young meteorological science & technology workers and young students of the country to inherit and carry forward the scientific spirit of the old meteorological workers, and commend the young personnel who have made outstanding contributions to the development, reform and innovation of meteorological undertakings. The award is an important award for young scientists in the field of meteorology of China.

In 2021, under the recommendation of colleges and universities, scientific research and business units across the country, the judging panel selected a total of 6 outstanding young winners upon strict review. Associate Professor Wang Yong won the award because he has revealed the long-term wet removal process of aerosols dominated by light rain, developed new parameterization solutions for mixed cloud ice crystal heterogeneous nucleation, random convection process and subgrid land-air flux exchange process, improved the global climate model cloud and precipitation simulation, solved the problem of too much light rain and not enough heavy rain in model simulation and the problem of deviation in summer precipitation simulation of China.


Edited by: Wang Jiayin

Photographed by: Zhou Mo

Checked by: Huang Xiaomeng

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