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In order to carry out party history education and enrich the spare-time life of faculty and staff, on June 6, the General Party Branch of Department of Earth System Science and the trade union organized faculty and staff to visit the Museum of the War of Chinese People's Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, and Beijing Automobile Museum.

Museum of the War of Chinese People's Resistance Against Japanese Aggression exhibits materials, letters, photos and other materials that embody the Chinese nation’s unyielding spirit and determination, which clearly demonstrates China’s arduous resistance to Japanese aggression. Through the visit, the faculty and staff deeply realized the difficulty of winning the War of Resistance against Japan, and reflected on history and improved their understanding. Everyone said that only by consolidating national defense and enhancing the country's comprehensive strength can we gain a foothold in the world. Afterwards, everyone visited Lugou Bridge.

In the afternoon, everyone visited the Beijing Automobile Museum. The museum exhibits automobile exhibits ranging from ancient guide cars and steam locomotives to the world-recognized first Mercedes-Benz No. 1 car. Through the visit, everyone learned about the century-old development history of the world's automobile industry and the history of China's automobile industry from its inception to continuous development and growth. There are interactive experience projects in the museum, and everyone feels the charm of technology and culture firsthand while visiting.

The scene of visiting and the group photo

Text: LIU Xiaoting

Editor: WANG Jiayin

Review: WU Haiping

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