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 Dear graduates, mentors, friends and relatives: good afternoon, everyone!


First of all, on behalf of Department of Earth System Science, I would like to extend my warm congratulations to the doctoral and master students who graduated from 2020 to June 2021! You are the protagonist and star today! I would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the faculty and staff of Department of Earth System Science who have devoted themselves to cultivate you and relatives and friends who have supported your growth!


Time passed so quickly! Students, after several years of hard work in Tsinghua, although your hairline is quietly moving up and has become more and more difficult to conceal your smart in exchange for hair, you have improved your mind, broadened your horizons, increased your talents, became strong, and tempered your will, some students even gained love. Now everyone has finally achieved positive results, and will soon go out of campus as Tsinghua alumni and actively participate in the great practice of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way.


Students, like all parents, the love that teachers have for you is the most selfless love. The teacher-student relationship is the purest relationship in the world. However, there is one difference between teachers and parents, that is, this kind of love is “tough love”. Vice Principal YANG Bin once pointed out that if a teacher teaches everything in a comprehensive manner and explains the profound things in simple terms, students will learn all of them after listening to the class. It may be very comfortable to study with such a teacher. Such teachers will also be popular with students and parents, but this may be a kind of "over-teaching", or it may be a disguised form of inhibiting students' endogenous motivation for self-learning and exploring new knowledge. Just now, Professor LIN Yanluan also pointed out that a good teacher should not immediately answer the questions of students, but should leave some space for students to think on their own. The process of student learning is not only a process of recording the learning content "perfectly and completely", but also a process of constructive learning, practical learning and creative learning. Teachers should help students grow by “stretching” instead of over-teaching. Generally speaking, such a method may make students feel uncomfortable, but this does not mean that teachers don’t care for students, instead, it gives students another form of love, that is, harsh love.


At this moment, students may or may not be able to fully understand Tsinghua University’s “trinity” educational concept of value shaping, ability training, and knowledge imparting. It is also difficult to judge the talent training model of Earth System Science of Tsinghua (cultivates academic atmosphere of “encourage originality, cross cooperation, and varies in harmony”, cultivates scientific and critical spirit, establishes an international and overall vision, and forms a workplace quality centered on “inclusiveness, communication, responsibility”, etc.) is successful. Since talent training is a long-term project, the effectiveness of school's talent training and the achievement of training goals can only be tested after a long time. I believe that after entering the workplace, everyone will feel that our educational philosophy and training model are effective. We should have this confidence!


Graduation is not the end of talent cultivation, but the beginning of a new phase! Your teachers all hope that everyone can stand on our shoulders, jump higher and fly farther. In the future, we, as teachers, will continue to pass on our own work experience and lessons to you, and bring our communication network and resources to you. I hope you will avoid detours in the workplace and your career development will be a smooth sailing. Department of Earth System Science will always be gazing you, caring for you, and blessing you. You will always be accompanied by the good memories of our time together at Tsinghua and the precious friendship between teachers and students.


Students, the spirit of hard work and perseverance are important factors for success in life and career. Everyone has great ambitions and high expectations, and now we need to further strengthen our down-to-earth style! When you first enter the workplace, you must start bit by bit, start with the little things around you, and never think far but do less. A person, no matter how talented, no matter how intelligent, no matter how strong his ability is, and no matter how dazzling his academic qualifications is, must be down-to-earth and diligent. And this is the extremely important quality that guarantees the success of career and life! I hope that everyone will further establish lofty ambitions, further clarify short-term goals and long-term plans, break the shackles of thought, treat your strengths and weaknesses objectively, use the courage and wisdom of Tsinghua people, continue to challenge yourselves, surpass yourselves, and experience the joy of overcoming difficulties, end enjoy the joy of success!


You must always maintain an optimistic, confident, and enthusiastic state of mind. Optimism is the magic weapon to overcome negative emotions, self-confidence is the guarantee of success at work, and enthusiasm is the foundation of interpersonal communication. Open-minded and positive emotions can make people feel cheerful, relaxed and stable, and more likely to succeed. Everything has two sides. When you encounter negative things, you have to change your perspective and think differently, and try to avoid the development of bad emotions. You will gain a lot by that. When doing important activities or on important occasions, you can take a deep breath and give yourself a strong psychological hint: I can do it as a Tsinghua person! Popularity depends to a large extent on the attitude of dealing with things. Everyone is willing to deal with enthusiastic and positive people because they can feel warmth and inspiration from them; by contrast, people with negative attitudes are often marginalized.


Contemporary young people are very independent, but you must avoid the difficulty of establishing harmonious teamwork and intimacy due to rigid independence and self-awareness. Only in the collective, an individual can obtain all-round development and individual freedom. There must be a few buddies who can do their best to help you and unburden their heart with you. There need not be too many of them. Two or three are enough. Although parents and teachers are the objects to talk to, we cannot accompany you for your whole life. It is very important to handle relationship with colleagues in the workplace. In particular, stay away from villains and rascals. The highest ambit is to be good at turning your affairs into the affairs of most people successfully.


Oral and written communication skills are very important. Even to some extent, the ability to express determines a person's development and future. As the old saying goes, if you learn mathematics, physics and chemistry well, there will be no difficulties for you anywhere around the world. But in fact, when the career has reached a certain height, the most useful ones are Chinese and English. Excellent Chinese writing has increasingly become an essential basic skill for everyone. You should also pay attention to calligraphy. Although everyone is typing on computers, a good handwriting can add a lot of different color to you. At the same time, our life and work have been in line with international standards. In the near future, China is about to become the world's largest economic power, and we must participate in the formulation of international rules. Being good at English is the best business card, otherwise many opportunities will be lost.


Time flies. we should cherish the present and work hard regardless of wind or rain. 2021 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and is the historical intersection of the "two centenary" goals; this year is also the 110th anniversary of the founding of Tsinghua University. Regardless of teaching, prospering, or governing the country, I hope that you will keep in mind the spirit of General Secretary XI Jinping’s important speech when he visited our school on the eve of the 110th anniversary of Tsinghua University. You should steady your self-confidence, take advantage of the situation, and have courage to take responsibility with a stronger sense of responsibility and mission. You should strive to find your place in serving the modernization of the country and in the historical process of the great rejuvenation of China, so as to "Make big ambitions, enter mainstreams, go to the big stage, and do a big business", and realize the value of your life through hard work and dedication.


Students, your teachers, relatives and friends all believe that your future is limitless, and believe that you will make us be proud of you and cheer for you! We will always be your friends who confide in your distress and share your happiness, and will always be your fans that support you! Please remember for your life: Earth System Science of Tsinghua is your warm home. It is not only your departure terminal, but also your shelter from the wind, and it is also your gas station for energy! You are always welcomed back home anytime!


Finally, I sincerely hope that you will become confident, kind, happy, and useful people, and be happy and healthy forever!


Thank you!

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