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On August 2, a report meeting on the social practice of the Tsinghua University detachment with Beijing General Certification Center Co., Ltd. (CGC) was held in the General Certification Center, attended by Professor Luo Yong, director of the Department of Earth System Science (DESS), Tsinghua University, Director Qin Haiyan of CGC, President Cai Jifeng of Wind Energy Research Institute, and the mentor team. The meeting was presided over by Cai Jifeng, President of the Wind Energy Research Institute.

The five doctoral students from Tsinghua University who had participated in this practice reported on the wind resource assessment, wind turbine load simulation, wind turbine electrical model simulation and wind turbine blade damage detection. Luo Yong and CGC’s mentor team fully affirmed the students’ application of professional skills such as programming and mathematical statistics and their knowledge of wind power industry in research practice, commented on the practical results and offered guidance.

Luo Yong noted that research projects are an important breakthrough point for leading original scientific and technological research, requiring that the organizer should have not only technical strength but also the passion for solid research, and CGC is such an enterprise. Prof. Luo expressed the hope that the two sides will promote the research work of “stranglehold” technology in the industry through cooperation. He thanked mentors of CGC for their guidance and help to the students, and CGC for its support to scientific research and talent training in Tsinghua University.

Qin Haiyan said that CGC upholds the vision of “creating value with certification and promoting progress with knowledge”, attaches great importance to the Industry-University-Research integrated work and builds a practice base with Tsinghua University, which also brings new ideas and vitality to the research work of CGC. In the future, CGC will fully leverage its industrial advantages and platform advantages, deeply cooperate with Tsinghua University, jointly promote the integrated development of the education chain, the industrial chain and the innovation chain, cultivate professional talents for the industry and the country, and contribute to high-quality industrial development in China.

Since its becoming a “Tsinghua University Graduate Practice Base” in 2017, CGC has organized six university-enterprise cooperation practice activities, and received 27 graduate students from the Department of Earth System Science, the Department of Energy and Power Engineering, the Department of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, the Department of Engineering Physics, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronic Technology, and the School of Medicine, Tsinghua University and completed 25 professional practice projects, including many sub-tasks of the International Energy Agency and national key research projects, involving several areas such as wind power, photovoltaic and energy storage.

Site of the conclusion and reporting meeting for the practice

Professor Luo Yong of Tsinghua University (fourth from the right in the second row) led the students to take a photo with Director Qin Haiyan of CGC (fourth from the left in the second row), President Cai Jifeng of Wind Energy Research Institute (third from the right in the second row) and the mentor team.

Written by Wang Jiamin.

Reviewed by Chen Yawei, Yu Le and Geng Rui

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