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On September 2, 2023, the Opening Convocation Ceremony of the 2023 graduate students of the Department of Earth System Science (DESS), Tsinghua University was held. Professor Luo Yong, Dean of the Department, Professor Lu Hui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Associate Professor Yu Le, Head of the Research Work Group, and Faculty Representative Professor Yang Jun attended the opening ceremony. Geng Rui, Secretary of the Party Committee, presided over the ceremony.

Geng Rui presides over the opening ceremony

Luo Yong addresses the ceremony

Prof. Luo Yong, on behalf of all the faculty and students of the DESS, extended a warm welcome to the new graduate students of Class 2023. He introduced the background and vision of the development of earth system science in Tsinghua, pointing out that it is Tsinghua Universitys mission and responsibility to actively respond to global climate change against the backdrop that global climate change constitutes a major challenge for the international community today. In talent training, the DESS aims to train scholars and teachers able to carry out basic and applied research in the field of earth system science, as well as high-level professionals for the formulation and implementation of policies on earth environmental change in government departments, enterprises and institutions, striving to create an academic atmosphere of encouraging innovation, cross-cooperation, and diversity in harmony”. Prof. Luo introduced the development and research characteristics of earth system science in Tsinghua, featuring “the insistence on the equal importance of science and policies and the integration of theory and practice”. With a focus on “how to develop a healthy teacher-student relationship”, Prof. Luo introduced three different teacher-student relationships by quoting the theory of “dynamic study following teachers” put forward by President Mei Yiqi of Tsinghua University, tough love put forward by Vice President Yang Bin, and several interesting stories about Carl-Gustaf Rossby and his students. Luo emphasized the importance of academic integrity and gave ten tips to the new graduate students. He concluded by expressing his expectation that new students would improve their minds, upgrade their knowledge, enhance their abilities and strengthen their physique in their study and life on the Tsinghua campus.

Yang Jun delivers a speech

Professor Yang Jun spoke as a faculty representative. He took opportunity and challenge as keywords in his message to the new graduate students, noting that Tsinghua University has provided strong support for students personal development in terms of soft and hard environment, and suggesting that the new students should seize this opportunity, and make full use of various conditions provided by the DESS and Tsinghua, to improve their quality and ability in an all-round way, make themselves grow into pillars addressing social needs, and realize their life ideals and ambitions. Meanwhile, after entering the school, the new students should quickly evolve from newcomers to researchers able to communicate with colleagues at home and abroad, make academic plans as early as possible and strictly follow them. Tsinghua has always been upholding the spirit that ‘actions speak louder than words’, fulfilling its responsibilities to the country and society with practical actions rather than empty words,” remarked Yang Jun, who hoped that students would closely integrate their studies and personal development with the needs of the country and society, refrain from being exquisite egoists, and become a better self when making contributions to the progress of the country and society.

Liu Shu speaks

Liu Shu, a 2019 direct-track doctoral student in the DESS, noted that in the face of the frequent occurrence of extreme weather events, we as DESS students studying earth system science are called by our time to study this discipline as a new interdisciplinary field and hot spot in the world today. She believed that the DESS of Tsinghua University is a big platform with international vision and interdisciplinary integration. She shared three insights and experiences with the theme of the change of mindset and learning methods at the stage of doctoral studies”: first, change from an external evaluation system to an internal evaluation system; second, change from passive learning to active learning; third, applying scientific research thinking to study how to live better and be a mentor of our own life.

Sun Jinjie gives a speech

Sun Jinjie spoke as a representative of new recruits on “how to make new breakthroughs in and make contributions to the field of earth system science. In her view, this requires the courage to fearlessly face challenges and break through the border, as well as the perseverance of ceaseless daily efforts and daily improvement. She believed that in the brand-new environment of Tsinghua campus we should try different things, refrain from setting limits and explore new areas. Meanwhile, we should also cultivate good habits, change from small things and keep improving ourselves. We should pursue personalized development and perfect our outlook on life and values.

Lin Yanluan introduces the training program

Following the ceremony, Prof. Geng Rui, Secretary of the Party Committee of the DESS, delivered a lecture on the Party, and Professor Lin Yanluan, Deputy Director of the DESS, introduced the training program.


Written by Wang Jiayin

Photographed by Wu Yuhui and Chen Yawei

Reviewed by Yu Le, Lu Hui and Geng Rui

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