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On the afternoon of April 27, 2023, the Department of Earth System Science (DESS), Tsinghua University held the Seminar on Teaching in the Spring Semester of 2023 and the 713th Doctoral Forum in the Multi-Functional Hall on the M floor of Mong Man Wai Technology Building. Xiong Nijuan, Deputy Director of the Inspection Office of the Party Committee of the university, and Yuan Junpeng, Vice President of the School of Earth Sciences of Yunnan University were invited to attend the meeting. Professor Luo Yong, Dean of the DESS Tsinghua University, Associate Professor Geng Rui, Secretary of the Party Committee, Associate Professor Zhang Qiang, Deputy Dean of the Department, Associate Professor Lu Hui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, all teachers, office staff and student representatives of the DESS attended the meeting. The seminar on teaching was presided over by Professor Lin Yanluan, Deputy Dean of the DESS.

Fig. 1 Luo Yong delivers a speech

In his speech, Prof. Luo Yong reviewed the history of the Tsinghua University Doctoral Forum, and fully affirmed the important role of the forum in interdisciplinary integration and doctoral training. He thanked the teachers and students who organized and participated in the forum and wished the forum a complete success.

Doctoral students give lectures. From left to right and from top to bottom are Zhang Qinya, Ning Chenhui, Tao Feng, Zhang Han, Zhu Ziqi, Hao Qi and Shen Jianxiang.

Themed "Global Change and Sustainable Development", this doctoral forum aimed to promote interdisciplinary research in related fields and motivate young students' enthusiasm for global change research. Seven doctoral students from the DESS gave wonderful academic reports on the research fields of "Facts, Process and Mechanism of Global Change", "Comprehensive Observation, Data Integration, Mining and Assimilation of Global Change", "Research and Development of Climate Model and Earth System Model" and "Impact of Climate Change, Adaptation and Carbon Neutral Governance". Upon review, Tao Feng, a Class 2018 DESS doctoral student and Shen Jianxiang, a Class 2021 doctoral student, won the Excellent Report Award.

Geng Rui and Lu Hui present awards to the award-winning students

Associate Professor Geng Rui, Party Secretary of the DESS, made a concluding speech for this doctoral forum. Geng Rui noted that students’ development was inseparable from the encouragement and support of teachers and that she could fully fee; the teachers' concern and support for the students at the site of the forum. Geng Rui encouraged students to take part in more such academic activities in the university, so as to seize more opportunities for face-to-face communication with teachers and make greater progress in the process.

Xiong Nijuan gives a report

At the teaching seminar held in the afternoon, Xiong Nijuan started from the historical experience of the inspection work, and led the participants to study the spirit of the Second Plenary Session of the 20th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Second Plenary Session of the 13th Beijing Commission for Discipline Inspection, the video conference on the comprehensive and strict management of the Party in the education system, and the university’s comprehensive and strict management of the Party's work meeting, and carried out warning education in the light of actual cases.

Geng Rui delivers a lecture

Geng Rui gave a lecture on discipline education to all the party members among teachers and students of the department. By analyzing practical cases, she emphasized that teachers and students should abide by strict political discipline, organizational discipline, honesty discipline, mass discipline, work discipline and life discipline.

Yuan Junpeng gives a report

Prof. Yuan Junpeng shared the development of ideological and political education in Yunnan University, introduced the exploration and measures of ideological and political education in this university, and the problems identified in the implementation process. The teachers at the meeting discussed the topic of “How to Cultivate Character While Imparting Knowledge and Training Abilities”.

Lin Yanluan gives a report

Prof. Lin Yanluan made a report on "How to Improve the Quality of Graduate Thesis: Examination of Thesis Form". He suggested that we should organize the review control work, enhance related training, consolidate the supervisor responsibility system, and strengthen the reference relica check.

Prof. Luo Yong delivered a concluding speech. He introduced the background of education reform and the dual-track policy, and encouraged teachers to be brave in developing teaching materials and to make more efforts and attempts. He noted that the DESS would continue to promote undergraduate teaching, focus on talent training as a central task, and strive to improve the level of student training.

Group photo of teachers and students attending the meeting

Written by Peng Xiaojuan and Feng Zemin

Photographed by Huo Yuwen, Wang Jiayin, and Cao Zhipeng

Edited by Wang Jiayin

Reviewed by Chen Yawei, Yu Le, Lu Hui, Geng Rui and Zhang Qiang

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