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The Department of Earth System Science at Tsinghua University is dedicated to explore new knowledge in the fields of Earth System Science, including the atmosphere, land, and oceans, as well as related disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, public health, and socioeconomics. Our aim is to contribute to the preservation of the Earth's ecological environment, ensuring its safety and sustainable development.

We are now recruiting the following high-level talents worldwide for tenure track or tenured positions at the Assistant, Associate or Full Professor level. These positions will be available to start as mutually agreed and will remain open until filled.

Faculty Positions in Earth System Observation

1. Avian Population Ecology

Undertaking theoretical and applied investigation in avian ecology, behavior, population dynamics, migration patterns, and conservation of avian species. The research objectives include exploring the interactions of avian populations, health, evolutionary mechanisms, and their response to environmental changes. Additionally, this role involves spearheading the establishment and management of a network of field observation stations for migratory birds and their habitats.

2. Big Data for Ecological Science

Research on the application of artificial intelligent algorithms, machine learning, and ecological science for ecosystem monitoring, ecological simulation, and predictive modelling within the context of global environmental changes. This role involves exploration of big data mining and knowledge discovery, the development of cyberinfrastructure, and utilizing big earth data analysis to reveal the dynamics and evolutionary processes of ecosystems.

3. Experimental Ecology (Research Direction on Mechanisms of Global Change Impacts)

Investigating the following topics in controlled environments: (1) the mechanism underlying global change impacts on structure, processes, and service functions of the earth’s terrestrial, wetland, or marine ecosystems; (2) the mechanism underlying the maintenance of stability and connectivity of different types of ecosystems; and (3) the mechanism underlying organisms' ecophysiological responses to environmental changes at large scales.

Faculty Positions in Earth System Processes

4. Atmospheric Dynamics and Earth System Interactions

Exploring the dynamics and predictability of extreme weather and climate events; undertaking theoretical and applied investigation in geophysical fluid dynamics and the coupling and interactions among the components of the Earth system.

5. Atmospheric Chemistry and Atmospheric Environment

Development and application of chemical transport models; understanding the process and underlying mechanism of source/sink of atmospheric composition.

Faculty Positions in Earth System Management

6. Sustainable Ocean Resource Management

Engaging in comprehensive research concerning ocean resource development, its ecological implications, and socioeconomic processes; investigating coastal zone-human-ocean coupling mechanisms and optimizing feedback and control within complex ocean resource-ecosystem-socioeconomic systems in response to climate change.

7. Ecosystem Restoration

Leading research on ecosystem restoration theories, methodologies, and technologies; exploring synergy between climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation and nature-based solutions.


A strong commitment to education, with a passion for teaching and mentoring students.

Candidates should hold a Ph.D. degree and have engaged in teaching and scientific research in atmospheric science, ecology, geographical science, marine science or other related fields in universities or research institutes.

Candidates should reach the research level of the top international university faculties in the field of Earth System Science or equivalent qualification in a relevant field.


Successful candidates will be engaged in the teaching and research of Earth System Science in Tsinghua University full-time. Successful candidates will be expected to develop independent research programs that complement the existing strengths. Teaching responsibilities will include an undergraduate lecture-laboratory course or the development of a graduate course aligning with the candidate’s area of interest and department needs. The assignment also includes undertaking public service work for the academic community.

Salary and Compensation

●Competitive annual salary package will be provided to selected candidates.

●Tsinghua University will assist in solving housing problems and provide rental apartments, as well as assistance of children’s enrolments to local kindergarten and schools, if required.

●Tsinghua University will actively advocate and support candidates in applying for various research projects.

Application Procedure

●A comprehensive cover letter outlining research and teaching interests and specific job requirements; CV with a list of publications;

● 3-5 representative research papers;

●Copies of certificates for patents, current position held, and highest degree attained.

● 3 letters of recommendation in English;

● A recent passport-type photo.

Please send the above materials to the email address:

Contact person: Mr. Liu

Contact number: +86-10-62799627

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