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On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Tsinghua University’s Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China and the Commendation Conference was held at New Tsinghua Academy in the afternoon of June 28. At the meeting, the 18th Party Branch of Department of Earth System Science (DESS) was awarded the "Advanced Party Organization (Party Branch) of Tsinghua University", Comrade ZHANG Qiang, member of the General Party Branch and Deputy Dean of the Department, and Postgraduate Comrade YUE Siyu, were awarded the title of "Outstanding Communist Party Member of Tsinghua University". Comrade REN Zhehao, a postgraduate student, was awarded the title of "Outstanding Party Building and Political Worker (Party Branch Secretary) of Tsinghua University". Comrade XIA Wenwen, Secretary of the 18th Party Branch of Graduate Union of DESS, delivered a speech as the representative of the advanced Party Organization (Party Branch).

Photo The representative of DESS accepting award on the stage


Photo: Group photo of participants from DESS


XIA Wenwen speaking


1.      Advanced deeds of the 18th Party Branch of DESS

The 18th Party Branch of Graduate Union of DESS was established in August, 2018. It is a horizontal Party Branch composed of 2018 PhD students in DESS. Since the establishment of the branch, it has given full play to its ideology leading role, combined with professional characteristics, and strengthened collective construction in the practice of serving country, society and people. After continuous efforts, the 18th party branch of Graduate Union of DESS was selected as the founding unit of the second batch of Party building models of the school, and the class group won the "Beijing Top Ten Class Collective".

Figure The 18th Party Branch of DESS participated in "Me and My Motherland" pop-up event


Strengthen theoretical arms and firm solid ideological foundation. The 18th Party Branch of Graduate Union of DESS insists on ideological construction as the core, forming a characteristic theory learning model of "one lesson, one video, one picture, one story", and develops ideological guidance work according to the situation. “One lesson, one video” refers to taking advantage of major opportunities such as the 70th anniversary of National Day, the branch organizes students to actively participate in activities, and launches a series of Party lessons and special documentaries for youth thoughts. Among them, the deeds, such as participating Party members initiatively undertook key positions, and slept on the road in order to give their seats to others, deeply affected the masses around them. When the students submitted application for admission to the Party, they said, "this is the party member in my heart." “One Picture, One Story” is a series of studies on the history of the Party launched by the map based on the characteristics of geosciences. We dug deep into the marks of geoscience people of Tsinghua in the centuries of Party history, such as the glorious history of Tsinghua geoscientists providing meteorological guarantees for Chongqing negotiation, which strengthened the students' faith and determination to serve motherland with geoscience characteristics.


Focus on organizational construction and build a strong battle fortress. Since the establishment of the branch, it has steadily promoted the construction of standardization and paid attention to the leading role of Party building work. It has carried out organizational life for 57 times, and nearly one-third of them relied on the joint construction of the Party, groups and classes, so that the collective members can tightly gather around the Party Branch. In the “Red 1+1” co-construction, the branch students helped control dust and haze pollution of local high-speed railway station, which strengthened combat effectiveness of the branch in practice; in the construction of the activist team, the branch kept abreast of the ideological trends of each student and continued to absorb outstanding students to approach the Party organization. In the past three years, the Party Branch membership ratio has increased from 67%, when just enrolled, to 89%, and a group of exemplary Party members have emerged, which have effectively played the role as battle fortresses of the Party Branch.


Bravely shoulder great responsibilities of the era and contribute strength to geosciences. Born in a prosperous era, we should shoulder heavy responsibilities. The 18th Party Branch of Graduate Union of DESS always keeps in mind the historical mission it shoulders, attaches great importance to cultivating the sense of responsibility of young people in serving the society, and constantly strives to serve the needs of the country. In 2019, in response to the urgent need of the Luojiang District Government of Quanzhou, Fujian, students from the branch went to several towns to conduct investigations day and night, and designed a collaborative analysis plan for air pollution source detection and numerical simulation, and successfully solved the problems that remained unsolved for three years within 10 days. The deeds have been reported for more than 30 times by Guangming Net, Fujian Daily and many other media. After the outbreak of the COVID-19 in 2020, the branch responded quickly and formulated a series of "engineering, science, and science popularization" work plans for everyone to help fight the epidemic based on their professional background. With the efforts of all members, the global epidemic sharing data was established on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year of 2020, and was updated every hour for 365 days after that. It has been adopted by 7 scientific research teams including Institute of Virology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and has been used from April to December last year to write weekly reports on overseas epidemic situation which were submitted it to the General Administration of Customs to guide epidemic prevention at various ports across the country; branch members actively voiced and published high-level scientific and technological papers dialectically demonstrated China’s institutional advantages, and a series of sciences popularization articles released on platforms such as the "National Geoscience Research Association" refuted the false statement of claiming compensation from China due to the epidemic.


2.      Advanced Deeds of Comrade ZHANG Qiang


Comrade ZHANG Qiang, a professor appointed by DESS, is currently a member of the Party Branch and Deputy Director of DESS, and has made important contributions to the discipline construction and education of Tsinghua University.


In terms of scientific research, the Party’s guidelines and policies have always been implemented, and scientific research has always been centered on needs of the country. Comrade ZHANG Qiang has been engaged in research on changes in atmospheric composition and the impact of climate and environment for a long time. In recent years, he has made breakthrough scientific contributions in exploring the complex relationship between human social and economic activities and air pollution, quantified the "carbon lock-in effect" of the global existing fossil fuel infrastructure and proposed the decommissioning path with the lowest cost of stranded assets, and analyzed the pollution transfer and health effects implicit in the global industrial chain. Two important scientific research results were published in the main journal of “NATURE”, which were selected as "China's Major Progress in Science, Technology and Engineering", and were evaluated by the international scientific community as pioneering work in the quantitative relationship between the global industrial chain and human health. In 2018, he won the 15th China Youth Science and Technology Award. In 2020, he was selected as the third batch of national ecological and environmental protection professional technical leaders.


In terms of education and teaching, he insist on establishing morality and fostering people, and actively promot the improvement of quality of postgraduate training in DESS. Comrade ZHANG Qiang promoted the implementation of the final academic report system for doctoral students in DESS and reform of the doctoral qualification examination, and presided over reform of the postgraduate curriculum system. Paying attention to the quality of postgraduate training. The doctoral students he trained have obtained fixed positions in famous scientific research institutions at home and abroad, such as NASA, NOAA, Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Beijing Normal University, etc. Among them, Dr. TONG Dan was selected as one of the “35 Science and Technology Innovative People Under the age of 35” by “Massachusetts Institute of Technology Review”.


In terms of serving the society, he actively participates in national air pollution prevention and control work. Comrade ZHANG Qiang is one of the main designers and drafters of National Emission Inventory Technical Guidelines System. He has provided full technical support for the commercialization of urban emission inventory since 2015; the lead-developed emission inventory has been operationally applied in the national and local air quality forecasting systems and the haze forecasting system of the National Meteorological Administration; as the main author of the evaluation report on the implementation effect of "Ten Measures for Air Pollution Prevention and Control" of Chinese Academy of Engineering, relevant results have been reported positively by CNN, Xinhua News Agency and other domestic and foreign media; he undertook important tasks in the research project on the causes and treatment of heavy air pollution established by State Council, and achieved the second best result in comprehensive evaluation in the final assessment


3.      Advanced deeds of Comrade YUE Siyu


Comrade YUE Siyu, a 2017 doctoral student in DESS, has served as a postgraduate moral education assistant in DESS, deputy head of the department research team, and chairman of the department's graduate student union. She was awarded GUO Mingqiu Award for Counselor of "December 9th" and the honorary titles of "Beijing Straight A Student" and "Outstanding Student Cadre of Tsinghua University".


In daily life, she is a server that makes classmates satisfied. As a Communist Party member, Comrade YUE Siyu always keeps in mind the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, and insists on doing student work to the satisfaction of her classmates. During the work of Graduate Union of DESS, she took the lead in solving daily life rights issues for more than ten times, and organized various brand activities of DESS. Graduate Union of DESS was awarded "Outstanding Postgraduate Branch of Tsinghua University " in its tenure year, and the public satisfaction (group survey) ranked first among the participating departments. During the epidemic, she was responsible for one-to-one communication with overseas students in DESS, established a mutual assistance group for overseas students, collected and sorted out difficulties and needs of overseas students, and coordinated and helped each student to solve corresponding problems. In addition, for three consecutive years as an assistant to the senior and doctoral graduating class, she has been recognized by the students for her steadfast service.


In the collective, she is the facilitator of backbone development. As the Deputy Group Leader of the research team, Comrade YUE Siyu actively promoted the streamlining and restructuring of various departments of student organization in accordance with the characteristics of small departments, and further improved office efficiency. In view of the shortage of resources for backbone training at the department level, we will further improve the full-cycle system of backbone training, and rely on the "Goose Plan" to organize backbones to go to Wuqing District, Tianjin to carry out social practice and party building exchanges, and to broaden perspectives of backbones to accumulate energy for better serving classmates.


Red and concentrating with all-round development. Always adhere to "two shoulders, two promotion". As a doctoral student in atmospheric science direction, Comrade YUE Siyu's main research fields after admission were climate change analysis of complex terrain and regional climate simulation, etc., and participated in the second national scientific expedition in Qinghai-Tibet twice. Since 2018, she has served as the contact person for national key research and development projects, and has carried out research and logistics support as the backbone of the project, which has promoted the project’s smooth development. In addition, she actively participated in promotion projects such as "Peer Training Camp" and "Backbone Research and Training Class", and achieved serve in growth and grow in service.


4.      Advanced deeds of Comrade REN Zhehao


Comrade REN Zhehao, a 2018-level doctoral student of DESS, formerly served as the secretary of the 18th Party branch of Graduate Union of DESS, the secretary of the 20th Party branch of Graduate Union of DESS, postgraduate moral education assistant of the department, and the secretary of the General Branch of postgraduate league of the department. He has won the honorary titles of "Tsinghua University Advanced Individual in the Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China", "Tsinghua University Advanced Individual in Fighting COVID-19", "Tsinghua University Outstanding Communist Party Member", "Tsinghua University Social Practice Golden Individual Award" and other honorary titles.


Celebrate significant events and be the leader of the branch comrades. In 2019, Comrade REN Zhehao organized Party members of the branch to sign up for mass parade on the 70th anniversary of the National Day. As a squadron leader, he completed various training tasks with high quality. The individual and the group were awarded the titles of Advanced Individual and Advanced Group in the 70th Anniversary Activities. At the beginning of 2020, as a backbone member of the "Epidemiological Spread Prediction and Countermeasures" of DESS, he participated in high-intensity seminars for 156 consecutive days, wrote popular science articles, and refuted remarks such as herd immunity and international claimants. He initiated the establishment of a global epidemic data set, and spurred joint construction of the party, group and class. His personal database was further processed by the General Administration of Customs and used to guide epidemic prevention and control work of the national port. His work of Party Branch was reported to Department of Politics, Ministry of Education as an excellent grassroots anti-epidemic case. The experience and cases of major events were condensed into thematic Party classes, and more than 400 people in Tsinghua and grassroots government were given lectures, leading the youth to undertake their missions and responsibilities.


Grasp the characteristics of disciplines, and forge ahead with branch comrades. Comrade REN Zhehao organized branch Party members to go to Luojiang District, Quanzhou, Fujian Province in 2019, to conduct investigations day and night for government, enterprises, and the public, and exerted his professional expertise to solve the problem of over-standard ozone that has plagued the local area for three years within 10 days. Because of his contribution to Tsinghua’s wisdom and strength, he has been reported by the mainstream media such as Guangming Daily and Fujian Daily for more than 30 times. In combining the Party history study and education with the 110th anniversary celebration activities, he organized the branch to carry out the activities of “drawing maps, telling maps, and learning Party history”, series activities of Tsinghua Road Net cultural and creative design and 11 days of 110 geography small quiz to effectively enhance cohesion of the branch and the role of battle fortress.


Emphasize political construction and be a consolidator of grassroots Party building. Comrade REN Zhehao attaches great importance to political construction and ability of science students to integrate theory with practice, and proposes a model of promoting learning through examinations to effectively improve the effect of theoretical learning. He organized the branch to carry out the red "1+1" joint construction activities in Xiongan New District, investigate dust and haze pollution of high-speed railway station in Xiongan New District, and provide suggestions for the construction of the local ecological environment. During his tenure as the Party Branch Secretary, the 18th Party Branch of Graduate Union of DESS was selected as the founding unit of the second batch of Party building models of Tsinghua University in 2019, and its class was awarded the top ten collectives of Beijing in the following year.


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